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  • 1 medium pizza + potato wedges + 2 soft drinks + 45 play points for 159sr
  • 1 large pizza + potato wedges + 4 soft drinks + 60 play points for 199sr
  • 2 medium pizzas + potato wedges + 2 soft drinks + 2 juices + 80 play points for 259sr
  • 2 large pizzas + potato wedges + 6 soft drinks + 120 play points for 299sr
Available at all our branches - Special Prices for Hail & Hofuf


Treat your beloved with a Chuck E Cheese Gift voucher, and let the fun begin. Let them Step inside our family fun center to hit up the kids arcade, chow down on some delicious, made-to-order pizza, play games and catch a live show with Chuck E. and friends they will enjoy a day of adventure, excitement and memories to last a lifetime.

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